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"Learning The Champions Way"

Jim Graden’s Personal Empowerment Martial Arts Course is designed for anyone that wants  more out of the time and effort that you already spend on your fitness routines. This cutting edge program combines all the things that Jim Graden has learned over his 35 plus years of training in the martial arts and in fitness. Including Joe Lewis Fighting System, Cobra Self-Defense and the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) all rolled into a  life changing martial arts  course.

Jim Graden talks about the values of adults training in the Martial Arts 

Group Classes and Personal Training Available 


"We Help Children Succeed"

 We can  improve your child’s ability to focus

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett once where asked in a joint interview  “What is the most important trait for success”, they both said, almost at the same time, “Focus!”

I’s easy to tell a child to focus, it’s a whole other ballgame to teach them what it means to be focused and how they can improve their focus over time. A big part of learning martial arts, for kids, is developing focus.

We also make sure your child can defend themselves by teaching a variety of martial arts, including Karate, Judo, Jujutsu and Tae Kwon Do.


"Punch & Kick Your way To Fitness"

 Learn to punch and kick with authority as you burn more calories per workout than any other aerobic exercise. Jim Graden's Fitness kickboxing classes also develop body coordination, flexibility, balance, focus and self-defense. These are just a few of the added benefits of our kickboxing workouts

 The classes are specially designed so no matter the shape you are in, good or bad, you can participate. From the marathon runner looking to cross train to someone older and out of shape, anybody can take and get great results from our fitness kickboxing program.


We also offer our

Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC)

Five Week Fitness Course


"Train One On One With The Champ"

Jim Graden has personally trained world martial arts champions and professional athletes. He has  also trained law enforcement officers including undercover detectives.

But what make Jim Graden so great with one on one training is his ability to find your inner strength and than focus that strength to achieve  goals beyond expectations. 

No matter the age, gender or fitness level of the student. 

Jim will customize your personal training experience to bring out the very best in you. He does this while keeping the sessions engaging, challenging, safe and enjoyable.   


Martial Arts - With belt ranking and includes everything listed below.

Street Self-Defense - No belt ranking

Fitness Kickboxing - Includes hitting bags and focus mitts plus floor exercises and stretching.

KickBox Conditioning - Includes everything in fitness kickboxing plus weight lifting. 

Also Available for Personal Training is:

                          Vikki Klidis

Vikki Specializes in Street Self Defense For Women

She is the master Instructor of our COBRA Self-Defense System. Vikki is the highest-ranking female Black Belt in the COBRA Self Defense System and was trained by the creator of COBRA, Chris Sutton himself.  

She is also a 2nd degree Black Belt, under Jim Graden.

Jim Graden teaches how to add movement  during a heavybag workout.

Mike, in his  sixties and a personal training student of Jim Graden's. talks about having to defend himself on a snowy day in New York.


JIm And Vikki on the cover of Self-Defense Professional 

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